Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lilies "Best Day Ever!"

Lilie has been interested in headstones and urns after frequently
passing a cemetery near our home. When she wanted to find out if she
could have an angel on her urn when she's cremated (many years from
now) G-ma Pattie decided to let her ask the person who could make it! So, Lilie & G-ma visited G-ma's friend's Stuart's marble shop before heading to Raging Waters in Sacramento as G-ma's birthday present to her.

Digging into breakfast

How headstones are made visit

Becky shows her the sandblast gun

The sandblast sand is soft

Looking at the angel, holding souvenirs

Grandma and Lilie's Big Day

Lilie loves to slide, but it's cold!

Climbing the tower

This is where the water dumps

Lilie informed G-ma Pattie that this day was her best day ever!

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