Thursday, June 26, 2008

almost 41 weeks (who's counting?)

It's a scary set of pictures! Who knew skin could stretch so much? All I know is it will be nice when this 8-9lbs bowling ball is OUT!

Special thanks to the photographer Lilie B.

What a change!

Lilie had her 6 year old "well baby" check-up today. She has grown 6 inches and gained 3 pounds in the past year.

What started at 8lbs 6oz and 20 inches long:

Has now become 55lbs and 47 inches long:

Monday, June 23, 2008

Come and Gone and still Going

Since my due date has come and gone my doc will only let me go one week past. The math, 22+7 = 29th with that being a Sunday, my instructions are if she isn't out by the 29th to call the hospital the morning of the 30th (Monday) at 6am to let them know I am coming and my doc will meet me at the hospital at 7am to induce.

Just so we are clear, Monday 7am I will be at the hospital if she hasn't come yet.

Since I am feeling great with perfect blood pressure, Ava is in good condition and I have only progress to 3 whole cm in three weeks their is no rush to induce. I did ask the BIG question on if Dr. Alexander had to estimate Ava's weight what were we looking at and after some pushing and rubbing the belly the answer came back, around 9lbs.

I will keep you posted if anything changes (time providing)

Baking up a storm

It's now a little past 1 o'clock and Lilie and I have made...

2 Quiche Ham & Cheese my fav.
(to be frozen for post hospital breakfast)

1 Roast (for French Dip sandwiches tonight)

1 Peach Pie (It smells so good!)

5 Chicken, Cheese and Asparagus rolls
(to be frozen for post hospital meal)

And we are now listening to the hum of the dishwasher:-)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

40 weeks

We have reached the due date and much to Lilies disappointment no little sister yet. It's been a quite weekend with the exception of phone calls from friends and family wondering if anything is happening with this baby. It's nice to know that I am not the only one wanting this thing out! I have issued the eviction notice to Ava but I think she is one of those tenets that is going to need the police (or in her case the OBGYN) to get her out.
The longer I am prego the more symptoms I seem to have. Thank goodness I have Lilie to pick up what I drop or need that is below my belly, which is about everything. I think the worse thing now is the insomnia between the hours of three and five in the morning. You can't really do much when the rest of the house is sleeping and there really isn't anything on TV. I am quickly running out of cloths, I feel and look like Ava is lower and bigger than ever.
What a belly!

You know your big when the ladies at Big 5 ask your due date and you say tomorrow and they answer with "Hey we were right!".

Thursday, June 19, 2008


So after waiting and waiting, we noticed that Lilies loose tooth wasn't going anywhere. Her big tooth was coming behind her little tooth. We swung by the dentist to see what she thought about the situation. She told Lilie to come on back and she would pull it out. Just what Lilie wanted! Lilie is so excited to have a new hole in her head:-)

*The dentist told Lilie that because of inflation the tooth fairy now leaves $5 for the first tooth...

Another Pocket Gopher

There never is just one rodent, we all know that. A while ago I posted a picture of the mysterious Pocket Gopher that Saturday found and I rescued. This morning while checking e-mail I kept hearing a knocking on the front door. When I went to answer it thinking it was our neighbor Tyler looking for Lilie, I was surprised to find this...

I guess this is what I get for telling her to go kill something when going to bed last night. She was so proud of herself, I couldn't be mad about having to clean it up.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Come out Come out!

They normally say no news is good news, but I beg to differ! Today the doc said Ava is comfy and cozy and has made only half a cm in dilation progress. It has been 9 day since he last checked me so..I am sticking with my guess of inducing being the only way to get this kid out. If that is the case we are looking at the 27th for the hospital visit. My next appointment is the morning of the 25th, next Wednesday. My doc is on-call this weekend so he has stated that this would be a good weekend for him, I said yesterday would have been good for me:-)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Casa de Fruta or Bust

We had a great trip to Casa de Fruta where we meet our friend Claudia, her daughter Maeson (3 months old) and niece Destiny (5 years old)

To see all the great photoscopy-and-paste this address into your browser:

First train ride



Frog & Fish Hunting


Monday, June 16, 2008

Stuff on the walls

*I forgot to post the video of Lilie hooping:-)

We finally have stuff on the walls of Ava's room!
Lilies Painting:
Mirror Dots:
Name above closet:
Flower hooks:

Dad's hand print, Yellow:
Mom's hand print, Green:
Lilie's hand print, Pink:
Ava's hand print Burgundy: To come when she gets home!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Face" Painting gone wild!

This is what happens when a neighborhood BBQ goes wild! I think the photos explain it all...

What else do you do with a 39week prego belly?

This blank canvas was to good to pass up.

Not even the dog was safe.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!

Good thing Josh has a sence of humor:-)This fathers day gift compliments his Christmas gift.
His Fathers Day shirt says:

"Changing the world...One diaper at a time"

His Christmas shirt says:

"Pregnancy Support Team at her side though the entire ride "

Cards are in the mail:-) Yeah the prego lady is slow...

Lilies "Best Day Ever!"

Lilie has been interested in headstones and urns after frequently
passing a cemetery near our home. When she wanted to find out if she
could have an angel on her urn when she's cremated (many years from
now) G-ma Pattie decided to let her ask the person who could make it! So, Lilie & G-ma visited G-ma's friend's Stuart's marble shop before heading to Raging Waters in Sacramento as G-ma's birthday present to her.

Digging into breakfast

How headstones are made visit

Becky shows her the sandblast gun

The sandblast sand is soft

Looking at the angel, holding souvenirs

Grandma and Lilie's Big Day

Lilie loves to slide, but it's cold!

Climbing the tower

This is where the water dumps

Lilie informed G-ma Pattie that this day was her best day ever!

Due Date Pool Results so far...

Time is running out, place your guesses!

Papa Larry's Guess:
June 22
2:10 am
7lbs 14 oz
20 in.

Heaven's Guess:

June 28th 2008
4:52 PM
7lbs 4oz

Nate's Guess:

June 24th 2008
2:35 AM
8lbs 2oz
19 1/2"

Gma Pattie's Guess:

June 20th
10:32 am
20 in.

Ms Debbie:
June 14-16th

Daddy Josh:

June 15th Fathers Day
7lbs 10oz
20.5 in

Lilies Guess:

June 11th
8lbs 10oz

Cole says:

june 13, 2008 (my dads bday)
2:30pm (i would like to take eastern & pacific time on this pls) lol
7lbs, 13 oz.
21.5 inches

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Killing time while we wait

While we wait for Ava to show up Lilie is killing time by reading, playing and painting. She is painting a canvas to hang over Ava's bed.
The paint
Work in progress
The finished work
To come on Sunday or Monday
Reading to Duke (the pillow)

Slip & Slide with the neighbors