Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ava's 2 years old

Where has the time gone?
Happy 2nd Birthday Ava P.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Aptos Farms Market

Oh be still my ♥! This is one of the best farmers markets I have been to. Fresh fruit, vegys, plants, fish, beef, chicken and more. Some vendor's we have at our local market but some we don't. Lilie had fun picking stuff out, Ava had fun being strollered around by Papa Ken and sampling. Lilie picked out the freshest raw peanuts, they are so yummy we should have gotten two bags. Lilie also sampled all the different varieties of the micro greens from New Natives Organic Sprouts. She and I agreed on the broccoli sprouts but we will try other varieties. They are great on sandwiches, salad or just pick up and snack. Lilie picked out asparagus some berries and a few other things. My step-mom loved the canned salmon. I really like all the flowers and plants. Lilie was excited that they had roasted corn by a company called "Lily's Corn". With 80 vendors give or take there was something for everyone.
On our way out Lilie said she was still hungry and I wanted to pick up some coconut water so we swung but Whole Food's Market. They were sampling Fava Hummus which Lilie had to try. After trying 3 different flavors Lilie very seriously said I would like to get the middle on. The woman handing out the samples looked at me and said you have a daughter with a very wonderful pallet. Lilie looked at her like okay whatever lady. The woman asked if Ava could have a cracker and I said yes. Ava took it looked at it and handed it back and asked for dip please. The sales rep looked at me with a confused look as to say what do I do, I told her just not the spicy one and she should eat it. Ava licked the dip off and said I like it to the lady. She just smiled as we said thank you and walked off with our Alexandria Fava dip. We also grabbed a box of these cool chips by blue diamond called Nut Thins. Each box of chips is made from a different nut, almond, hazel nut, pecan each with their own flavors.
I don't have any photos due to the fact I forgot my cell phone and camera.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Family Photo in Sac.

The Sutton Family Nate, Josh, Ava, Carin, Tim, Allison, Zach, Lilie, Hanah, G-ma Sutton & Papa Sutton


Another stop on our trip was...When you walk in they have two LARGE fish tanks.

I am sorry I didn't get photos of the food, it was pretty and yummy! I stuck with the sushi side of things with: Red Dragon Roll & Jumpin' Jack Fish Roll, Josh went crazy and tried: Kemosabe Roll and the Pork Slyders 3's (I think)

After lunch it was family photo time.

Lilie took this photo of Uncle Tim (oldest Sutton son) & Uncle Nate (youngest Sutton son) Lilie liked the TV in the restroom

If in the neighborhood I suggest stopping by one of these, Tex-Wasabi's

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pool fun

After having the pool in the house for a day we finally filled it and put it out side.
Having fun in Ava's birthday pool from G-ma Nancy & Papa Ken Swimming
Cooling my feet off too!
Boy do my toes need some color.

Utah Bee's Game 2

The Plumas Lake Sutton's came to the game on Saturday. Ava love Cousin Hailee claw
They loved hanging out together Ava loved the peanuts and popcorn Papa had.
Uncle Nate
Lilies aftermath of hair. Bed time snuggles on the top bunk.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

West Sacramento KOA

While filling up the propane tank Lilie found someone watching her. Behind our camping spot

Our spot

Friday, June 25, 2010

Squeeze Inn

On of the places to visit on our trip north was the Squeeze Inn. It was featured on the tv show Diner, Drive-in's & Dives. Checking out the menu
Placing the order
Waiting for our table to open up.
The kitchen
The Squeeze cheese burger
On the table we found...

Lilies is gone Ava eating a way
A picture of us!
Playing after dinner.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Utah Bee's Game 1

They found their Uncle batting second. Ava spotted the bear.
#5 Uncle Nate Sutton
Watching the game with Papa & G-ma Sutton
Heads-up for Ava ment hands up
Cousin Hannah came too.
Think they were tired?