Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snow 2

We woke up to more snow! It was snowing all day from the moment we woke till we drove away.
Lots of SNOW!
Ava licked the snow liket the dogs.
Lilie made snow angles.
Lilie, Ava, Hannah and Josh went for some rides.
The cousins played.

Monday, November 29, 2010


How better to spend the day after Thanksgiving than playing in the snow for two day with the family? It was fun, besides almost getting snowed in and leaving a day early. You will see all the fun in the days to come we have LOTS of photos and video's. It was Ava's first real time to play in the snow, and the dogs first time ever in the snow. Lilie is old enough to build forts and have a snowball fight with her uncles.

The hike to the Sutton cabinThe ice icicles
What to do while waiting for the snow mobile to start...

Lilie & Ava take a ride with Uncle Nate

Dogs ran all over the place



Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Big changes

Ava said good bye to her crib and hello to her big girl bed.
I couldn't part with the changing table my grandfather made for Ava so we turned it into Lilie's TV holder and Zhu-Zhu holder.

I found two day bed frames on craiglist for $35 so a friend and I split them. Her daughter was so excited about her new bed. It was fun Ava and I spray painted the frame and went to Ikea and picked out a mattress. Ava picked out the sheets, flannel snow people. I turned her crib skirt into a bed skirt and bumpers into pillows. I have only rearranged her room twice I am happy with it now:)

The girls spent the first night in it together. Ava napping in her big girl bed.

How Ava breaks in new mascara

She has done this twice to my new mascara. Can't say I don't love look♥I wish you could hear the laugh that came out of her in this photo.This is her unibrow look.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Part 3 of our day- Casa de fruta

Josh is in LOVE with Casa de Fruta's ice cream. They give you alot for a little money. So we not only go so the girls can ride the choo choo train but Josh can have ice cream. Lilie in lock up
Ava driving the train Once again I will say it, I love this camera, Santa bring me my own!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Part 2 of our day- Monterey

After San Juan we headed up to Monterey for lunch at the beach.
Three girls
Big feet little feet

I busted out the long lens for this one

Tiny baby Abalone with tiny toes I love how big the sand is here.

I love this camera, thanks for letting us borrow it Ms Debbie. Some day I will have one. hint hint Santa:)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Part 1 of our day - San Juan Bautista

Our quest for a family photo and Holiday card pictures took us all over the place. We started at a friends house. Ms Debbie took this for us at her house when we picked up her camera. Thank you SO much!We then traveled to San Juan Bautista behind the Mission.
And in front of the Mission The two and under crowd Sumo is the odd boy out in this photo My "B" when did she get so big? So sweet looking but the truth will come out.Josh was making the girls laugh Lilies one shot to take a photo pretty good!
Ahh Lilie B.
Ava making faces at her sister Love the self timer:) Dear Santa, Can you guess what I want for Christmas? My own fancy camera! ♥ Carin

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Santa Cruz day trip

Josh had to work on Friday so did Papa Ken so G-ma Nancy, Auntie Casey, Lilie, Ava and I hit Santa Cruz. We went bowling first then the movies and finished with ice cream. It was a fun girls day.
Lilie tried and tried for a strike1/2 for Ava & Lilie got the other 1/2 of the hot dog Ava liked G-ma wrist brace
♥Sisterly love♥ Ava found the hand drier, aka the blow drier Lilie had FUN!G-ma Nancy was Ava's helper Ava wanted to carry her 6lb ball around.
Mission Hill Creamery was on the list of places to stop. It's Santa Cruz's first Organic Artisan Ice Cream maker, located inside the Culinary Center on Front St. This is a must stop when hitting Santa Cruz. Lilie and Ava both ate "Cookie Monster" I had Salted Caramel and Ricotta with Caramelized Fig, my sister had just Ricotta w/Caramelized Fig and Grandma Nancy had Orange Cardamom. You can find them on Face Book they post their flavors of the day.