Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Big changes

Ava said good bye to her crib and hello to her big girl bed.
I couldn't part with the changing table my grandfather made for Ava so we turned it into Lilie's TV holder and Zhu-Zhu holder.

I found two day bed frames on craiglist for $35 so a friend and I split them. Her daughter was so excited about her new bed. It was fun Ava and I spray painted the frame and went to Ikea and picked out a mattress. Ava picked out the sheets, flannel snow people. I turned her crib skirt into a bed skirt and bumpers into pillows. I have only rearranged her room twice I am happy with it now:)

The girls spent the first night in it together. Ava napping in her big girl bed.

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