Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Day

With this being Ava's first real experience with trick or treating we practiced saying "trick or treat" some how it turned into "trick or treat smell my feet". Once she got with her friends she dropped the smell my feet part. Thank goodness!
Lilie was a great big sister she stayed with Ava and a few little friends from door to door. Making sure she said thank you and only took what she was asked to from the home owners.
When we got home Ava dumped her bag of candy on the kitchen table and ohhhed and ahhhed all her loot. She kept going back on Monday to play with the candy to check it out. She only ate a few piece but has gone through it all multiple times.
Off to Trick-or-Treat the first houseAva got the hang if it fast

Josh ready to party
Family photo
(we had a red and black theme)
Halloween photo with our Abercrombie Boys

Ava kept saying, "walk to another house more trick or treat".

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