Thursday, June 5, 2008

Birthday celebration continues

The celebration didn't stop after school! We met Ms Debbie and Christian at the park for Popsicles and gifts. I will get a photo of the beautiful bracelet Christian made Lilie all by him self!
Lilie picked sushi for her b-day dinner, followed by a scoop of vanilla and chocolate fried ice cream compliments of the gals at sushi who love her. (We go the recipe for their fried ice cream and will be making it at home) Aunt Amanda joined us while Uncle Dan sat in class.
Lilie opened gift at the house before we left check out the pictures below. She also got to open one gift from the Kennedy's while the ice cream cooked. So Lilie sat and scratched scratches from Uncle Dan and Aunt Amanda,out of the 10 scratches she won $10.

A big thanks for all the great gifts!

Jamie gave the cutest cloths-along with some not pictured from mom & dad:-)

Moon Sand ROCKS!

Check the boots and the Green Eggs and Ham board game

Lilie got a gift certificate for the Young Chefs Academy (cooking school for kids)

Many gifts not shown in photos and lots of phone calls we also received to Lilies joy. Thank you again!

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