Monday, June 23, 2008

Come and Gone and still Going

Since my due date has come and gone my doc will only let me go one week past. The math, 22+7 = 29th with that being a Sunday, my instructions are if she isn't out by the 29th to call the hospital the morning of the 30th (Monday) at 6am to let them know I am coming and my doc will meet me at the hospital at 7am to induce.

Just so we are clear, Monday 7am I will be at the hospital if she hasn't come yet.

Since I am feeling great with perfect blood pressure, Ava is in good condition and I have only progress to 3 whole cm in three weeks their is no rush to induce. I did ask the BIG question on if Dr. Alexander had to estimate Ava's weight what were we looking at and after some pushing and rubbing the belly the answer came back, around 9lbs.

I will keep you posted if anything changes (time providing)

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