Sunday, October 24, 2010

What a day!

We took a field trip to the Claravale Farm, a raw milk farm with our MOMS Club it was a very interesting and informative trip. There are a lot of photos but this is how the day started, when I left my bed to go jogging at 5:30 my spot was taken by these two little girls. After school Ava and I picked up Lilie and drove a little over an hour out to the farm.

The group of kids

She was a very friendly Jersey Cow
Dry cows and heifers
Ava liked this little guy

Grahm craker break

Whats under there? This is what the kids were looking at
The kids were able to track the milk from the cow through the filter and into the cooling container. On a potty break we found this critter.
Kids splashing in the cow rinse off water
Glass bottles full and ready to be delivered.
Day old calf. Ava had fun running with them.
Ready to head home
The drive home was pretty

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