Sunday, May 30, 2010

Talent Show

I don't remember what grade it was when a few friends and I tried out for the talent show at Crowell Elementary School. We had matching outfits and practiced our back sides off at Sarah's house it was to a Paula Abdul song I think and we didn't make it. But every year that Lilie does the talent show I remember us dancing together. Ahh the memories we make that come back when our kids do the same thing.
We waited for 2hrs and 3 grades to see Lilie and her friend hop on stage.

I took two movies but they are to big for the blog but they are on facebook.

Ava's are we done yet look.
We are next!
Can you see the two girls?

So many kids this is just one section.

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The Paskins said...

Oh my gosh, I totally remember practicing our dance for that talent show! Sadly, we didn't make it...or maybe that's a good thing, since we probably would have embarrassed ourselves! I think I remember pink plaid shirts?