Monday, May 3, 2010

It's planting time again

Lettuce and Arugula going good. (like the container I chose for the container salad mix?) While Ava napped and Josh researched how to cook the perfect 2" thick T-bone Lilie and I worked the garden. We pulled weeds planted the seed that we started in pots and put down a little top soil. After we gave it a good watering we baited for snails like anyone who loves their pretty leaves.
This is our "pepper" section, bell peppers (4-5 colors) and one jalapeno plant (we have 3 more in a different location)
Our "zucchini" section with 3-4 varieties
(lets hope not all of these last it's a lot of squash!)

Oh and our little "spaghetti squash" section is to the left of the "zuc" section in one row.
All the sections have been snail baited off. The last two empty squares are "Jeweled Beet" section and "Baby Round Carrot" section we just planted today. We have one section left to plant that would be our "Cucumber" section.

Our Strawberries aren't pictured but they are in a hanging basket on the fence next to the other jalapeno plants. We have potatoes still going from last year and tomatoes covering our front porch that aren't quite read for the barrels. I will be praying to the garden gods to give me a great garden yet again this year. Is there a Saint for the garden? I need a statue asap!

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