Thursday, May 20, 2010

One of those things

These fish/sea horses are one of the many things that I remember from my grandparents house. You know that thing that is suddenly gone when you go to visit because hey times change, we all change the things that hang on the wall from time to time. But it's just that thing that "is" Grandma & Grandpa Coopers House. When we went for Christmas I noticed that the sea horses weren't hanging in the guest bathroom. My grandparents decided it was time to take them down and get rid of them. Thankfully my Aunt Carolyn saved them and was kind enough to pass them down to me. She dropped them off with my mom who brought them over this past week when she came to watch Ava. Once the day was done and my mom was heading home I went to work hanging them in my bathroom. I noticed the back of them had my grandmothers initials on the back and the year she painted them, 1980 the year I was born. There are a mom, dad and three kids, one for each of their children. For some odd reason I love these things. I wonder what my kids will cherish from my parents homes?

Now where am I going to hang those big utensils they have hanging in the kitchen?

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