Monday, October 13, 2008

Shots & After school hangout

Lilie and I got our flu shots today. No crying for either of us! Lilie got hers at the doctors mine from the guy at Safeway. I did find out Safeway will check to see if your insurance will cove the shot. Ours did so it was $13 instead of $30 and it comes with two pretty good coupons. The first is 10% off you next shopping trip total in the following week. The second is if you bring in a new prescription you get a $30 gift card of your choice.

After school a few days a week Lilie, Ava and I go and hangout with Amanda at her music store. Lilie does her homework then we all play a few games of hang man. We had to get a few photos of the "so ugly they are cute pants" and Amanda. I will get photos of Lilie B. next time.

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