Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Tonight I dug out the old baby food mill the one my mom used to make my food, and I used to make Lilie's food. I mashed a little banana into the oatmeal daddy brought home thinking Ava was sick of the rice cereal.

This was really cool, Taunta Amanda put together a dinner that rocked! It's kind of like a dutch fondue. Everyone gets their own skillet, to cook their food on. Their are tons of different meats. Amanda had, mini hamburgers wrapped in bacon, steak, shrimp, scallops, sausage, chicken and more. With add-in's like mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes, and bacon. With butter and flavored butters to cook your food in and 7 different dipping sauces.

Lilie LOVED cooking her own food:-) we will be borrowing a set of pans.

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