Sunday, October 19, 2008

Josh's letter to the Groom

Dear G,
It is 7 am on your wedding day, I have just been woken up by a freak thunderstorm. Now I know you don’t believe in signs, but rain on your wedding day is good luck.
Anyways, getting back to writing. I have been trying to figure out what to say since you asked me to be your best man back in July. I now find my self sitting in my underwear this morning still drawing a blank. I am not drawing a blank because of nothing to say, but because of where do I begin.
From high school to present day you have always been a true friend. I can’t count how many times I ate cows tongue before you told me what it was. Or the number of times I crashed on your parents couch after a Thursday night at Rosie McCann’s just so I could get 3 hours of sleep before going to work. Then picking everyone up Friday night for another night of searching for “chicks”, just to find myself on the couch again eating a Bagel Dog and falling asleep. Sometimes heading home so I could get enough sleep to come back and pick everyone up for the big Saturday night out in San Jose. Thank God for Jack in the Box tacos, or in your case Jumbo Jacks!
From Vegas to TJ to Lake Havasu to Disneyland we have had some close calls my friend, like a donkey or tea cups , but none closer than the Yosemite trip, were I was gonna kill you.
All those fond memories, thank God are just memories. I don’t now how we survived, but we did.
Now that we are “old married dusty farts” we can gain new memories with our new best friends, our wives.
In closing ,I have to say Mario Arrero Guerrero I am proud and honored to be your friend. You have been like brother to me and I love you bro! Congratulations!

Mad respect, your bro,
“Skillz” with a Z

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