Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lilie's 2nd tourney

Today was Lilies second tournament and she was wonderful! We started out with breakfast with friends in town, Erika's family. Then we headed to Watsonville for the big events. Lilie was excited to have Erika ride with us. Lilie fought two fights, won the first fight against a girl from her sister school. The second fight was against a boy she tied him and went to sudden death. I guess we should have taught what 'sudden death' was because she didn't know what was happening. The boy came out kicking and got the first contact kick in and won. Lilie took second place and was fought like a champ! We are so proud of her. My dad and Nancy came to watch Lilies big fight and hang out with Ava which was great since Ava didn't get a nap today. Our wonderful neighbors, Dan, Amanda and Baby Annemiek came to watch. A dear friend named Alex came to watch/visit with two of his three boys. After the tourney some of us went to dinner at Applebee's. It was a fun day. More photos to be posted hopefully tomorrow. Video's too!

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