Friday, March 19, 2010

Boot(y) Camp Mom Style

Three days a week (on a good week) I take a class lead by a lady named Soon. Twice a week it is with Ava in a stroller. We always start at the library. Mondays we cruse around down town Hollister hit the stairs at the parking garage and then jog over the the tennis courts for some work. Fridays we hit the parking garage and then head up Park Hill (which is a BIG hill when pushing a stroller with a toddler in it). We do some work up there and then head back to the library. Say our goodbye after a nice cool down and head home.
Ava and I playing on the grass at the park.
Ava doing throw-downs with Soon (she had to get in on the action)

Chilling with our fearless leader Soon & her daughter Hannah

Ava trying to figure out the downward facing dog pose

Mommy "cheese"
Ava doing the bridge pose

You know the work out is done when the camera comes out:)

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