Saturday, June 13, 2009

swim lessons 2009

Both girls are taking classes. It's fun to take part and watch.
Ava is learning to jump in and hold her breath. We are working on kicking and blowing bubbles but she is adamant that all she wants to do is jump and "swim". Ava will put her head under and I will push her (and let go) and Mrs Jodi (the teacher) catches her. Ava comes up smiling! She is the youngest in the class and the only one doing this the other two girls hate having their heads in the water. Ava hates to float on her back but loves to be on her stomach.
Lilie is learning the side stroke and working on cleaning up the breast stroke and free style. She is also learning how to dive in. We might do a second session with Lilie. Her belly was so red from flopping it hurt me to look at it! But she is figuring it out.
Both girls are fish and that is not a Sutton trait.

I will post video of Lilie tomorrow

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