Sunday, June 7, 2009

7th birthday in San Francisco

For the last few year Lilie has chosen to take a "trip" instead of having a birthday party. This year we went to the California Academy of Science. Uncle Dan and Tanta went with too. After the CAS we headed to the Fishermans Wharf just to walk around and get some fresh bread from the Boudin Bakery. Then it was off to meet some friend for dinner at the Park Chelet across from the beach. I have so many pictures I will spread them out today California Academy of Science.
We are here!Catch the bugs game.Ava and I spent some time in the 0-5 year old room. Which one is on exhibit?What the hell is that?? Touchy feely sea animals

On the roof

Uncle Dan, Tanta & Baby K

Ava loved the baby.

Lilie found a baby too.

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