Monday, January 25, 2010

15+18= lots of shots

At Ava's doc appointment today (it was a combination of 15 month and 18 month check ups we are a little late) we found out she is 35" tall and 26.1lbs. She is past the 100% mark in height and just over the 85% for weight. The doctor thinks Ava like Lilie will be on the taller side, (over 5'6"). During the part of the exam where the doctor asks question like is she climbing everything, does she eat everything, does she play well with others, any interest in going potty.... Ava started talking (she sat silent until then). She answered the potty question with "go poo poo". The girls doctor informed me that we are in trouble with this one, she is on top of things and she will give us a run for our money!
When the doctor was done Nurse Rose came in to the room. Ava got four shots total. After the first two she told Rose the nurse "No more! No more!" But when it was all done I got kisses and Ava told Rose thank you and gave her a hug. It's always nice to make peace with the one who will be giving you shot for the next 5-6 years!

My laptop is still down so no pictures still. I am shopping for a new one! I am hoping to get some photos of my phone and uploaded.

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