Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lilies sleep study

A couple of days after the wedding Lilie was scheduled for a sleep study due to her sleep issues. The test requires you show up between 7-7:30 ready to be wired up and go to bed. Easy right? haha nope! With kids a parent spend the night with the child. Since Josh had to go to work the next day, I was the lucky one:) My mom came over and spent the night with Josh and Ava since Lilie and I wouldn't be released until 6 am and Josh is on the road by then.

Lilie and I hit In-n-Out for dinner on our way to Mountain View.

After check in we got settled into our room, aka Lilie calmed down after a freak out about having to do the study.

Yes 28-30 wires and tubes were attached to her from head to toe!
Looks totally comfy right? Just a little tape and wires.

How about some wires glued to your head?
Ready for bed!
All tucked in with her blanket
This would be the toe side of things.

We watched Bed Nobs and Broom Sticks and then at11:00 off to sleep we went.

At 5:55am we got a wake up call that all was done and we were free to go! They removed all the wires and left some glue in the hair and tape all over.

Next stop? Starbucks!!

Oh and don't forget the six of these little buggers that they left on her due to the pain they cause when removed. Their suggestion was to remove during shower. She had two of these on each lower leg/above the ankle and one on each side of her collar bone.

We are still waiting on results. But Lilie did great!

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