Saturday, July 2, 2011

Birthday trip

My only proof I was there and it says "proof" on it.
For Ava's birthday trip we hit a local favorite Gilroy Gardens. Back when Lilie was 3 it was known as Bonfonte Gardens. But it seems nothing has changed much but the name. Both girls had a blast and we were joined my Grandma Nancy and Auntie Casey too. One of my favorite pictures
Auntie Casey was pulled over by the cop on the track Ava said. To bad Lilie is the one driving:)
Lilie loved the fact she is now big enough to do the roller coasters and mushroom swings.

The view

She had a blast One of the many cool trees (this is 4 graphed into one)

My fish
This is what the lines look like mon-thurs.

I made her ride this one twice she picked the pink #8 car first.High flying Hot Air Balloons

Heading homeAuntie Casey treated Lilie and herself to a gliter tattoo

Lilie B. Auntie Casey

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