Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Lilie B.

Lilie at 3 years old

We started celebrating Lilie's 9th birthday on Tuesday with her class.
Lilie took these super cute chicks for a birthday treat at school.
A wonderful friend makes them. They are cake pops and a big hit with the classWednesday brought her first gift.

One of Lilie's birthday gifts she wanted was feathers for her hair
She got to bring a friend

(Casey, the girls got matching red/black feathers)
Casey and Lilie live across the street from each other and will be spending a lot of time together this summer.
After feathers came the girls turn to make their own cake pops

Ava got in on this action too! Can you tell Lilie likes blue? Her main gift a new bigger bike

(notice the color)
~Bike movie~

Happy Birthday Dear Lilie!

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