Sunday, January 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Part 1 G-ma Pattie

For my moms Christmas present she asked for "special days with our family". So Lilie and I picked out a list of things and places that we wanted to go and do with Grandma Pattie. Our first day to G-ma Pattie "The Coast"
We stopped at The Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History. It's a small but well done museum. they have a little tide-touch pool. Ava wanted to look but not touch. Lilie and I had fun touching. Josh was reading all the signs and plaques.
The main exhibit is Bones.
Josh was reading
Lilie had visited before with G-ma Nancy. Lilie was excited to see the snake out, it wouldn't come out her previous visit.
Lilies "look at this" pose.
Ava checking out Ms. Debbie's squirrels.
(we have lots of these at work but you can't get this close.)
Out front they have a whale to play on.

G-mas girls
My girlsMovie time

Family photo
Did you notice the color purple? All four females and it wasn't planned.

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