Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bakers Dozen

Big thank you to Papa Larry and Mrs. Sara for all the help getting Lilie to her three days of cooking school. She had a blast and wants to go again. (I guess we have something to fall back on when Tae Kwon Do is done.) Lilie came home with a cook book of things she had made, some samples too and a new taste for food. She is going to be remaking one of the recipies she made at school on Saturday at the request of Neighbor Dan. He was one of the few to sample what she brought home. Sara brought Lilie home today with half a box of strawberries and a request to make a Strawberry Custared Pie, so we did.

Lilie also came home with a Sourdough Starter. This will sit on our counter for 3 days then in the frig until we are ready to make some sourdough.

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