Friday, February 20, 2009

TKD Booster Club

Josh and Lilie are both selling DeBrito Apples for their Tae Kwon Do Booster Club. There are eight different apples to choose from and they are $12 each. Half of the money goes straight back to us and the other half goes to DeBrito's. They are also selling, DeBrito's Award Winning Butter Almond Toffee ~ Our buttery toffee covered in milk chocolate topped with almond bits for $12.

Toffee Apple ~ Caramel rolled in clumps of award winning toffee, with rivers of chocolate.
Apple Pie a La Mode ~ Caramel with white chocolate & cinnamon.
Almond Obsession ~ Roasted diced almonds and caramel dripping with chocolate.
Earthquake ~ Seismic sensation of caramel, rice krispies, peanut butter, and blankets of chocolate.
Rocky Road ~ Caramel, pecans, & globs of marshmallows, swimming in milk and white chocolate.
Triple Treat ~ Caramel drizzled with white, milk, and dark chocolate.
Oreo Avalanche ~ Caramel, clumps of Oreos and white and dark chocolate escaping from the avalanche.
Pecan Turtle Apple ~ Caramel, pecans, & gobs of chocolate.

Let me know what to sign you up for, checks can be made out to DeBritos.
Thanks for supporting Josh and Lilie.

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Sutton Family said...

we will take the oreo avalanch & one order of toffee........... would u like some girl scout cookies???