Sunday, November 16, 2008


The tournament was held at Diablo Valley College. The tourni had over 800 contestants plus all the coaches and "support" aka parents crammed into this ever so small/old gym. It was hot, smelly, very disorganized and a long day. I heard the medics called 4 times all to black belt rings, one girl was taken off to the hospital due to a head kick.
After getting up at 4am then heading to Gilroy to meet the rest of the team at 5:30am we made it home at a little after 11pm. Josh, Lilie and I had no nap! Ava got up at 8am and went down at 9:30pm with only three 30min naps! Josh didn't fight until 8pm. Then they shortened his fight to two one and half minute rounds. All I can say was what a long freaking day!!! Unfortunately the forces of the long day, sinus infection and not feeling ready/prepared but already putting in the entry fee got the best of Josh. He took third place but got second because they ran out of third place metals.
Opening ceremonies

Where is Waldo I mean Josh?

Waiting our turn

Josh's turnGetting instruction

Placing First place here!
I will post a video later today!

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