Saturday, September 20, 2008

TKD Match

We were out of the house by 4:25am, hit Starbucks at 5am and up at the college at 7am. We sat and waited for our teams to compete which wasn't until noon. But we were able to watch a lot of different people compete in form and weapons. Their were kids as young as 3 up to the senior division. We screamed our heads off for all the students who were competing from TKD Athletic Studio. We were on the road headed for dinner with part of the team by 5pm. So it was an all day thing, 5am-5pm but well worth it.

Josh took first in his fight!! Lilie is now considering competition team, HELP ME! It was great to see how everyone cheered for each other. There are two Josh's on our team, one much younger than our Josh, so you might hear the kids yelling for Big Josh:-)

I might be a TKD Mom instead of Soccer Mom, do they make a shirt for that?

Josh kicks the guy in the head (face) it's suppose to be 2 pts but he only got one. The guy had a black and blue mark almost instantly.

Watch for the kick, everyone goes OH! -video

Photos from the long day.

Josh all smiles

Lilie happy all day-yeah!

(she didn't sleep once all day until we hit the Livermore exit)

Ava and I hanging out

The group we were with rocks

Their were six squares to fight in

Most of the sparing teams (Opening ceremonies)

Waiting their turn

Our Winner

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