Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Pet

The girls Tia Jocey came over for a visit today and brought Lilie a new friend. Lilie has named him Polka Dot. She is responsible for feeding him crickets and making sure he has clean water. They are happy together, they share a bed time and wake up time.
Our zoo is growning by leaps and bounds

He is cute

His home is on Lilies desk

Our pet list:
1 dog -Timber
1 cat -Saturday
1 spotted leopard gecko -Polka Dot
1 frog -Kermit
1 tadpole -Big Point (who has legs now)
2 fish -Goldie & Watermelon
2 birds -Dusty (who talks) & Twinkie (who is laying eggs)

Josh and Ava checking out the Off Road magazine

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