Saturday, May 17, 2008

Busy weekend

Between karate testing and a birthday party some how we (mostly Josh) was able to get some "nesting" inside and out done in prep for Ava's arrival. The outside wasn't as much as we had hoped, but the tree and bush landscapers will be here next weekend to finish things up.

With Ava moving into what use to be the office the office had to move some where else, and it landed in the living room:-)

From just a pile of lets say stuff to a more organized arrangement of stuff.

China hutch cleaned & moved

A new desk put together.

Even Dusty had to make a move.

We even got a new couch ordered!!
It has a extra wide recliner on one end and a comfortable press-back (reclining) chaise on the other. They are separated by a regular couch piece to make the "L" shape. The photo shows all 5 pieces, we only have room for the three. We also went with more of a mocha color, which is a little darker than what is shown. I am hoping to have it by Friday.

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